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  1. As per the question title - what is the difference between the types of cabinet doors? Peter
  2. howartp

    Difference between 'Auto Left' and 'Left' cabinet doors?

    Typical - as soon as I ask this, I discover the 'Home Designer Suite Reference Manual' which gives more info than the Help page on the same dialog box. I didn't realise this existed, or had more detail than the Help pages and the Support website. For anyone else reading, Auto doors automatically become double doors when you make a cabinet 600mm or wider; non-Auto doors will remain single left or right however you defined them - and thus become very large doors. Peter
  3. howartp

    Adjusting Roof Plane in HDA

    Hi, I've just about finished the exterior design of our new Church in HDA 15, but I can't quite get the roof plane of the extension to line up with the roof plane of the existing build. On the attached pics, the higher section at the rear is the extension, which on the architects elevation plan matches our existing roof - but on my HDA model it's 12" offset. I know I can't drag the roof planes in HDA - is there other options somewhere which will move the roof plane in line with the current building, whilst maintaining the pitch? Peter
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    Adjusting Roof Plane in HDA

    Yep, just raised the storeroom ceiling by 4" and it's lined up the roof perfectly - thanks for your help. Peter
  5. howartp

    Adjusting Roof Plane in HDA

    Hi everyone, Thanks for your replies. The top of my 2D plan is actually the North elevation; you just can't see the South end of the plan because I zoomed in. I've attached the full plan below. The area highlighted in red is the existing boundaries of the building; nothing forwards of the pink area is changing except one wall removed to enlarge the foyer, hence the double doors floating in the middle of the wall - we haven't designed the landscape to get steps up to them yet! The pink area backwards is being redesigned and extended backwards and upwards - the only bit that's staying is the current rear wall running East-West, to save knocking it down and rebuilding it again. The current roof at the rear is in at least four sections of different heights, so we're scrapping it and rebuilding. Back on topic, Mick and Elovia are probably on the right track even though they counter each others idea - the rear left room is a store room with no false ceiling, which is nominally 13' high; the rear right room has a false ceiling at 8' but the height above it isn't dictated (yet; we're only at rough plans yet) so the walls probably are different heights even though the existing roof lines make you think you're looking at an illusion. I'll play with the height of the rooms - I'm ok at maths and geometry, I just hadn't put an engineering hat on to work out how the geometry applies to this mode. Peter
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    What's happening with my terrain?

    Hi, We're planning a building scheme at Church and I've produced the 3D model of the architects plans to help members understand what it will look like, but the terrain is refusing to do what I think I'm telling it! I'm currently using HDA 2015. I started with HDI 2015 to model the building, then decided I wanted to add the terrain as we are re-modelling the front entrance which requires ramps/steps and flower beds. This means I'm adding terrain onto an existing building design, rather than the ideal approach of terrain first. I started with just 3 Elevation Lines across the plot, as most of the plot follows those lines - 6' at the rear of church (the sidewalk shown), the front of church (level with where the low retaining wall kinks to the left) then a short one across the car park entrance (between the railings at the bottom of the image). I expected the whole of Church behind the middle elevation to be flat, then the car park to (reasonably) slope down to 0' at the entrance - it is rather like a fish-bowl. However the sidewalk on the right of the image looked like a roller-coaster rather than being perfectly flat. I therefore deleted those lines and just drew an Elevation Area across the whole of the building, extending out past the edge of our Terrain Boundary, all at 6' high. This is what you can see highlighted on the 2D image. This should surely ensure the entire terrain is level? Yet if you look at the rear-right of our property, it looks like a skateboard park with all the weird elevation changes riding up the walls etc. All of this should be at 6' completely flat (at this stage). Any ideas what is going on? I've done a Rebuild Terrain to try fix it but it's not having any effect. PS - is there a concept of 'send to back' in HDA? I used a .jpg image of the architects floor plans to build the walls in the right place, but now I'm doing terrain, I deleted that image and added a different one with the terrain boundaries on - but it is always 'in front' of everything, so I can't click on walls/furniture etc. The same is now happening with the Elevation Region, which is in front of the image, which is in front of the building. Peter
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    What's happening with my terrain?

    Thanks Mick. All sorted on this one now; about to post a new thread on roof planes. Peter
  8. howartp

    What's happening with my terrain?

    Sorry it's been a couple of days - either I missed the email notifications of my subscription to this thread, or I didn't subscribe! In the meantime, thinking you hadn't replied, I saved the plan as a 2nd copy and deleted everything off it - doing this allowed me to keep the material defaults etc that I'd set within the first plan; I wasn't sure if they were global or per-plan (?). I added a new background image from the architects plans with only the walls, windows and terrain showing, which makes the 2D view much cleaner than it did before. Then I started again with my terrain. I got most of it worked out until I added the ramp/steps to the front door, but I just about sorted that when I decided to come and see what was happening on this thread. Your comments about the 'Flatten Pad' button were what sorted my remaining problem - I actually need that OFF because 1/8th of the plot is NOT flat - HDA was trying to bring the 4' terrain path around the building up to the 6' terrain level (aka 0" Floor) within the space of nothing. Once I UNticked the flatten pad button, most of the skateboard park terrain misdemeanours disappeared and I was able to add one or two little elevation points to fix the rest. Current version attached, complete with mine and my parent's correct cars. :-) Peter