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  1. David, Thanks for trying. Eric was able to answer my question in a different thread. Thanks again.
  2. Eric, Thanks so much. I wasn't able to figure out how to turn the corner with the wall but I fixed the hole by using "Through Wall At Start." How did you turn the corner with the wall? Redimensioning the lower bath worked perfectly to fix the stem wall depth problem! Thanks Again,
  3. I cannot get the lower basement wall to extend up to the floor of the next floor. This creates a hole in the corner wall where the two exterior walls come together. This is illustrated in the following pictures. The .plan file is also attached here. Interior Design.plan Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. My stem wall will not extend all the way to the footer in my basement. Additionally the footer on one small section of the exterior wall is misaligned, As illustrated here. I believe it has something to do with the interior room rough ceiling heights (which should all be the same on a given floor), but I've been unable to resolve the problem. I would appreciate any help. The .plan file is attached. Interior Design.plan
  5. Elovia, Thanks for the reply. The slab is actually an existing solid cement slab that acts as the roof to a cellar room and also the front porch. There are no floor joists or decking.
  6. For some reason my ceiling joists are appearing below the actual finished ceiling as shown here. I've also attached the .plan file. Interior Design.plan Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Eric, Thanks. I'll give that a shot but is there no way to make the ceiling structure editable?
  8. I'm attempting to add a poured cement ceiling over a basement room, but when I attempt to edit the ceiling structure of the room the option is grayed out. How can I make the ceiling structure editable? The room I'm attempting to edit is the room at the far left of the attached picture. I've attached the plan file as well. Thanks for any help. Renovation 1.plan
  9. Eric/Mick, Thanks a bunch for the replies. I'm reconstructing the existing construction in order to have a fresh pallet for renovation. It's a 1912 row house so there are quite a few inconsistencies with modern code. I solved it with a separate step. Thanks again for the help.
  10. How can I change the height of a single beginning or ending stair riser independent if the other risers?
  11. Eric, That actually works perfectly. Thanks so much for the help!
  12. Eric, Thanks for the pointers. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2016. Here's my plan file. Renovation 1.plan
  13. I am attempting to recreate my row-house basement and am struggling to move the floor height without effecting the basement wall height. The Ceiling joists are anchored into the basement brick stem wall but protrude about 2.5" above the basement wall. The 1st floor wall is thinner than the basement stem wall so the ends of joists don't protrude into the 1st floor wall but only the basement stem wall. The subfloor for the 1st floor then sits on top of the basement ceiling joists. When I raise the joists out of the stem wall the flooring continues to sit on top of the stem wall with the joists protruding through the floor, As in the following pictures. If I then attempt to move the absolute elevation of the first floor flooring to sit on top of the joists the stem wall height changes as well, as below. Is there a way to independently raise the flooring height without changing the height of the basement stem wall? Thanks in advance for any help.