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  1. Eric, thanks a million, I was just reading about that and thought maybe I did not understand what it stated. Thanks again for quick response! Tim
  2. Thanks will find and do my signature. Tim
  3. I first have to state I am not a designer so apologize for ignorance of some of my questions. I have used CAD for mechanical engineering and have done many remodeling jobs durning my life time but using this CAD design software is a 1st. I am trying to get the basics done for a vacation home to be built in Philippines. In the Philippines the stand build is concrete and center block ( they call hollow block. I have been using this software now for 2 years in a part time way since building is not to take place till this time next year. I am far from using a fraction of the power of this program but recently decided on some major changes and found that because of my lack of knowledge of this software I never really built the foundation properly which of course has caused all the work to be voided in that changes can't not be made. --- Sorry for all this explaining but my real question is on how do I lay out my Slab with footing when it comes to one wall being an arc. I am going back watching the video again but if anyone could please send me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Again I never did do the foundation right so changes not going to happen so starting over hopefully with proper foundation. --- Thanks Very much for your time and consideration, Tim Tablas 1st real drawing 2nd floor done with open bottom now deck 15.plan --- Tim Home Designer Pro 2017 Build Oct 25 2016
  4. Thanks to both of you for getting heading in the right direction, this will be my afternoon project and again thanks for taking the time to respond. Tim
  5. I am using Designer Pro 2016, and slowly going through the manual. I am not a designer but have done enough remodeling to be dangerous . I am trying to do a pretty accurate lay out for a summer home in Philippines and everything is build with concrete and center block / hollow block. Spent lots of time in area on floor levels but can't seem to find how to remove a portion of the floor or ceiling from 1st floor. I can create the 2nd story without any problems except I need to make area above living area an open atrium from area where bedrooms upstairs can look down from balcony. Anyway any suggestions are very much appreciated. Thanks Tim Tablas 1st real drawing 03.plan
  6. Sadly at my age they made memory smaller