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    Any way to import Punch Software designs

    Thanks for the idea Kbird1. Actually, I'm only trialling HDA 2016. Its clearly a more sophisticated product than Punch with a lot more control in the users hands, though the toolbars are pretty ugly. If I was starting again I would buy HDA but I've decided the clincher that would make me pay $200 or $400 to change is that Punch doesn't have custom layers. From what I can see of HDA and what I read in these forums, neither does HDP let alone HDA, and lots of people want it. For me, I would really like the ability to draw a house as it is, then add a number of changes in layers so I can flick between the before and after view. Yes you can create two plans, but I often do a quick mock up to show the changes, then flesh out the detail to make it realistic. In this scenario, BOTH the before and after plans have to be fleshed out. Ahhh, if only there were custom layers. So rather than put anyone to any trouble, I'll stick with Punch for the time being. Thanks for the help.
  2. ddkesq

    Any way to import Punch Software designs

    Thanks Kbird1. Yes, according to the product matrix, only Pro can import DXF. Seems a bit expensive to chose the $400 product just to be able to import from a competitor. Funnilly enough, HD Architectural can export to DXF and Punch can import that, so CA are making it easy for me to leave HD and join Punch, but hard to leave Punch and join HD.
  3. I'm looking to upgrade and like the look of CA, but I have several designs in Punch Home & Landscape Premium. Ideally I'd like to import those to CA. I can imagine this would be quite a difficult operation. Punch says it can export to formats VRML(.WRL) & DXF/DWG if those are formats that CA could import. Thanks