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    Multiple Gable Roofs

    A customer wants two different front elevation views of a structure generated. The structure is a basic single floor rectangle with left and right gable roof walls (sides b and d). Side (a) is the front. It has a garage that bumps out several feet and is about half the length of the house. Right by that is a smaller bump out (which is actually closer to the main structure), it is a small porch. Next to that is the area of the front bedroom which is on the main structure plain (side a). The client wants gable roofs over the garage, porch and bedroom. When I draw it, the program pulls my gable for the bedroom all the way across the plan to wall. The porch does the same and the garage as well. This give a view of all roofs ending on the same corner (a/b). I cannot get it to draw so that the garage roof is one gable, the bedroom gable covers the porch also, then the porch roof bumps out from the bedroom roof to create it's own gable roof