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  1. BobC_4199

    Walls with unfinished sides

    Thanks everyone for the help. From all the comments I understand that the process of defining an unfinished area is a manual one requiring the creation of single sided wall types for all types of walls that may be used to form unfinished spaces. Not mentioned in the feedback and not illustrated in my example, I expect that I would have to break walls in order to change wall types when what was a single wall encloses both finished and unfinished areas.
  2. BobC_4199

    Walls with unfinished sides

    Thank you for your suggestion. I am hoping that there is a better (easier) way. I'm sure that this situation comes up in almost every house so I expected that Home Designer would come with such walls already predefined if changing the wall type was the only solution. Since the program didn't come with these walls already defined, I assumed there was an option somewhere to turn on/off the finishing of either side of a wall.
  3. BobC_4199

    Wall Intersections

    I have a question about controlling how walls are connected when using acute and obtuse angles. Normally when two walls meet at an acute angle, HD creates a sharp corner in the finished wall. I've shown this in the attached picture as the lower right pair of walls. In the house I am trying to model, walls do not meet this way. They meet as shown in the left two pairs of walls in the picture. The lower left intersection was created in HD by drawing three walls in succession, the angled wall, then a vertical wall down from the bottom end of the angled wall. The vertical wall being drawn (temporally) longer than needed (say 12"). And finally the horizontal wall being drawn from the bottom of the vertical wall to the left. Once drawn, I go back and change the length of the vertical wall to 4.5". This produces the desired effect. However, when I attempt to do anything with the wall, HD flags the connection between the walls as broken, Additionally this method is cumbersome and difficult to use when attempting to create a "real" design with actual dimensions that must be correctly modeled. The upper left intersection was created by drawing the two walls an bringing them into contact with each other. However, I cannot consistently recreate this result. I'm not sure how I achieved it in order to include it in the image. However, it is a configuration that is common in the house I am trying to model. My question comes down to how to create the connected wall configurations shown in the left two examples in the attached picture that is robust, reproducible and compatible with subsequent plan adjustments? (i.e. don't turn into broken walls when moved.) Thanks in advance for any support and recommendations. Bob Home Designer Pro 2016 Build Windows 7
  4. BobC_4199

    Walls with unfinished sides

    I have a simple question about drawing and using walls where I desire only one side of the wall to be finished. As shown in the attached image, I created a rectangular box in the middle of a room that will enclose mechanical items like HVAC vents, and pipes. The issue I'm having is that HD finishing both sides of the walls with drywall and trim. Other than creating new wall definitions that do not include these items on one side or the other, is there an easy way to tell HD that the enclosed space is 1) not a room, 2) that the walls should not be covered with drywall and no trim, chair rail, crown molding should be applied to these interior surfaces? Thanks in advance for any help or recommendations. Home Designer Pro 2016 Build Windows 7