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  1. I'm a custom cabinet maker and always spec custom cabinets to fit the need rather than follow the dictates of industry convention. My fillers are typically incorporated into a stile thus become one with the cabinet W dimension. My current project is designing a narrow u-shaped galley kitchen where small fractions become significant. I have the option to manually create labels and will do that. I had to chuckle at the suggestion that one should purchase a $2,000 upgrade to solve a labeling issue. Thank you for your replies.
  2. My cabinets labels are displaying dimensions rounded to the nearest inch. For example a wall cabinet that is 33.5" wide and 36" tall displays as "W3436". I need my cabinet labels to display fractions without having to manually override the label for each cabinet. How do I do this?
  3. See attached...I'm trying to build a similar porch gable truss. I've got the posts and beam built....but can't find a build object that will assume the desired shape of the angled web members. Any ideas? This structure will be exposed exactly as seen in the photo.
  4. Yeah he was plenty condescending, it was a short phone call.
  5. I want to add a basic concrete patio off of the rear of the house. I've searched the Knowledge Base and Search and see plenty of discussions on an enclosed, or screened, or covered a room and make the walls invisible. My patio has no walls, no cover, and is a basic 4" thick concrete pad sitting on the dirt. Tech support said I should NOT be using Build Slab, but offered no solution other than build a room, invisible walls, etc.
  6. I'm not tracking with you. From what I can see the Wood Material is not a 3D object rather a finish that is applied to a 3D object. Are you suggesting that a wood material be applied to a 3D object such as a soffit or a shelf, grain oriented properly, and then somehow that object becomes the dresser top?
  7. David, see attached test plan. Rotate Material worked on the end table but not on the dresser. The only difference that I can see is that the dresser top has a wood edgeband, perhaps preventing grain rotation. Furniture Grain Example.plan
  8. Wood grain is running the wrong direction on numerous furniture faces. Is this correctable or just a software limitation? Unrealistic grain orientation cheapens down the 3D views. Is CA Premier wood grain orientation more realistic?
  9. Pilot error: When changing the soffit dimensions I transposed Width and Height. Sorry to have wasted your time.
  10. Don't know what you did differently. I cannot get it to show except that portion that falls outside the wall's vertical side lines.
  11. I should have mentioned that my "shelf" is a custom soffit (I couldn't find a shelf object). As I mentioned, the problem seems to be that it's a virtual half wall on the screen but behind the scenes it's really a full height interior wall.
  12. In he pic you can see that a 6" wide x 1.5" thick shelf centered on the top of a 4.5" half wall is only displaying the 3/4" portion of the shelf that extends beyond the half wall. It appears a half wall is in reality a full wall that is only pretending to be a half wall. How do I fix it so my shelf fully displays?
  13. Rebooting my Mac fixed the problem. Memory issue I guess.
  14. Take a look at the attached pic. The interior wall end is open. How do I draw it with a drywall finish on the end, same as the walls? thanks
  15. Tech support figured it out: When initially setting up my exterior walls I defined both the exterior siding and interior drywall as Main Layers rather than Exterior Layer and Interior Layer, respectively. This prevented the wall from receiving the birdsmouth cuts. Pilot error.
  16. I posted the plan. #1 should be observable in the 3D orthographic full overview.
  17. Plan attached. 2 issues observable in 3D : 1. Rafters are missing birdsmouth and are sitting on top plate leaving a gap between gable end walls and rafters 2. The entire structure appears to be raised in the air above the foundation Any ideas on how to fix these? Thank you. Swan Road RC4.plan
  18. I just saw that....was looking under heating and just saw furnaces. For some reason they put fireplaces under architectural rather than heating....go figure. thx.
  19. Thanks all for the solutions!
  20. Specifically, I'm having trouble figuring out how to build what is described in my first post. I'm trying to build a base cabinet that is shaped like a boomeran.......angled at the middle of the cabinet.
  21. I want to build a free standing island breakfast bar that is angled ~45 degrees in the middle. Think of a boomerang shape. The base will be two 36" W x 24" D x 34" T cabinets, joined at a 45 degree angle. The raised counter will be 18" deep and ~42" off the floor. Pretty std stuff. Could anyone point me to a knowledge base or other discussion on how to build this in Pro? Thank you.
  22. I also don't see any Wall Corner cabinets in my cabinet menu. I believe I'm just looking at the basic library stuff.....are there other library download options that offer a wider selection of kitchen cabinets? I'm looking at Home Designer Core Catalogs.
  23. I don't see "partion" in my cabinet menu.