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  1. KarenM

    Corner Window

    Thanks. I don't think it's possible with Suite, which is what I have.
  2. This article says it applies to Suite https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/support/article/KB-00452/building-an-a-frame-structure.html
  3. KarenM

    Corner Window

    I'm not sure I know what that means. I'm trying to duplicate what's in the house I'm going to be renovating. It has a corner window - it's really just 2 pieces of fixed glass with a bead of silicone at the corner joint. The window was put in in 1987 and I'm not planning to replace it since it's still doing it's job just fine.
  4. KarenM

    Corner Window

    Does anyone know if it's possible to create a corner window in Home Designer Suite 2022? I found instructions for Chief Architect and something that says it's for Home Designer, but I cannot get rid of the corner post. The Window Specification does not have a separate Frame choice. I've unchecked "has frame" in the casing section, but that's not doing it. What I did: 1. Placed both windows, and resized them 2. Push both windows into the corner 3. Selected both windows and opened the Window Specification dialog box. 4. Chose fixed glass, 1 lite. 5. Unchecked "has frame" in casing options. 6. Click OK. Even though I unchecked "has frame" it's still showing a frame. I have attached a screenshot of the camera view. I would appreciate any help I can get! Thank you!
  5. What the ??? That looks awesome, I obviously need a lot more practice if you did that with Home Designer Suite 2016. How did you put the top on the steeple? Sadly, I won't be able to keep the gothic windows. Who ever originally built this house really wanted it to look like a church, they put in gothic divided light windows with textured glass, they are all fixed glass and you can't see out of any of them.
  6. KarenM

    Island design

    JHawk, I recently used this link to create the island in the jpg attached - it got the job done. The software version I'm using doesn't come with the custom countertop option. Thanks, Karen
  7. Hello, Can anyone tell me which versions of Home Designer (if any) have a "cable" folder as a choice under Fences & Railings? I would like to create cable railing similar to the attached .jpg but Home Designer Suite 2016 does not include a cable option. Thanks, Karen
  8. Hi Eric, I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your help. I got the outside of the structure looking almost like it's supposed to. One of these days when I get better with the app I'll spring for the pro version. Karen
  9. I'm working from field measurements. I know that all of the room dimensions and ceiling heights are correct in the main structure. The master bedroom is currently an unfinished garage space, the dimensions are correct but I'm not sure about the ceiling height since it's unfinished - but it's high. I'm guessing on the roof pitches, I'm not experienced enough to look at the roof and determine the pitch, but the main house pitch looks pretty extreme to me. And the area between the master and main looks to be less than 8 in 12. I raised the ceiling on the master bed/bath and that fixed the continuity issue. I attached a dollhouse view that shows the problem on the upper level, I marked in the black where the wall should be. I also attached the plan of my latest version. At this point it's acceptable, it at least resembles the actual house - but I'm trying to make it perfect! Believe it or not this is a house and always has been, someone actually built this house to look like a church... Thanks again! WarrenFarm_After1.plan
  10. Thanks, Eric. I think I have it looking almost right. Do you know why the back upper wall adjacent to the roof is drawing like that (see UpperFloor.jpg)? I checked all of my ceiling heights and pitches and can't find the problem. Also, I experimented with different ceiling heights and roof pitches in the area between the kitchen and the master bedroom and also with different ceiling heights and pitches on the main house 2nd floor and can't seem to get the roof line to be continuous all the around the front as it is in real life. I was able to get the connection between the garage and house to work by moving the garage a few feet and changing the connection points. I appreciate your help, I would not have gotten this far without it. Karen
  11. Thank you both for your input. I corrected the ceiling heights and adjusted the pitch on all of the roof sections. I also deleted the connection between the garage and kitchen (I'll rethink that as Eric suggested). It's almost right, I'm just not sure why the roof line is changing at the front of the bedroom... Also, why does it show the roof section over the bathroom encroaching into the structure it's adjacent to? Thanks again! Karen WarrenFarm_After.plan
  12. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me with my roof. I'm using Home Designer Suite 2014. I basically have a 1 1/2 story rectangle, a 1 story garage connected by a 1 story structure and I'm adding a 1 1/2 story garage connected by a 1 story structure. I can't figure out what I need to change in order to get the back of the house to draw right - all 3 main structures have gable roofs. I'm attaching my plan and a photo of the existing house. What I'm doing is converting the garage to a master bedroom and adding a new garage on the back connected to the house via laundry/mud room. Hopefully someone can tell me what I need to change to make this look the photo of the existing house... Right now I can't even think about adding the "steeple" room because when I do my plan gets all kinds of messed up! Thank you very much in advance. Karen WarrenFarm_After.plan