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  1. Hi David. Agreed, I do not expect perfection. This will more than suffice for representative 3D marketing views. For construction drawings, I will do as always - by provide elevations that specify all relevant reference points and details. This I can do in AutoCAD for the time being. This is simply a workaround until I can afford the real deal. Hey, I'm an old dog learning new tricks. I studied architecture back in the dark ages... before PC's. I remember when AutoCAD was the new trick.
  2. Thank you very much Eric! This is exactly the information I needed! Yes, I am primarily needing this capability for representative use (in 3D modeling). For construction drawings requiring radial soffits, colonnades or barrels, I will simply export a dxf and fill in with "old school" AutoCAD - where I can specify precise points. This will definitely suffice till I can swallow the "red pill" and go head first into Chief. I'm crawling before I walk...
  3. Thanks Mick! Yep... it sounds like I'll be upgrading to the Pro version. At least I get a credit for the $'s for the current package.
  4. Hi Mick. Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I meant the arched furr down outside of the window. I will try the freebie version of Pro... I just wanted to see if anyone knew before I went through the trouble.
  5. Hi! I'm a newbie and have a couple of questions. I have the HDSuite 2016 software and will probably need to upgrade. If I upgrade to Home Designer Pro, will I be able to setup the plan and interior/exterior elevations for oversized printing? If not, can I export individual dxf files - or perhaps even print to a PDF and then size as required? I simply cannot afford the Chief Architect versions just yet. Thanks so much for your time!
  6. I haven't been able to figure out how to draw a radial furr down like the attached picture in Home Designer Suite. If not possible in this software, would it be possible in the Pro version of HD? Any help would be greatly appreciated... thanks for reading!