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  1. Hi David. Agreed, I do not expect perfection. This will more than suffice for representative 3D marketing views. For construction drawings, I will do as always - by provide elevations that specify all relevant reference points and details. This I can do in AutoCAD for the time being. This is simply a workaround until I can afford the real deal. Hey, I'm an old dog learning new tricks. I studied architecture back in the dark ages... before PC's. I remember when AutoCAD was the new trick.

  2. Thank you very much Eric! This is exactly the information I needed! Yes, I am primarily needing this capability for representative use (in 3D modeling). For construction drawings requiring radial soffits, colonnades or barrels, I will simply export a dxf and fill in with "old school" AutoCAD - where I can specify precise points. This will definitely suffice till I can swallow the "red pill" and go head first into Chief. I'm crawling before I walk...

  3. Hi!  I'm a newbie and have a couple of questions.  I have the HDSuite 2016 software and will probably need to upgrade.  If I upgrade to Home Designer Pro, will I be able to setup the plan and interior/exterior elevations for oversized printing?  If not, can I export individual dxf files - or perhaps even print to a PDF and then size as required?  I simply cannot afford the Chief Architect versions just yet.


    Thanks so much for your time!