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  1. Or just create a soffit and you can then attach molding to it.
  2. Is there a way, In Suite, to create such things in sketchup like a door or a lamp and have Suite recognize as such? Unless I use the objects that Chief provides I don't see a way to make a lamp light or connect to an electrical path. It's not really critical but it would be nice if I could create my own library of functioning objects.
  3. I know I've seen it on a video or read it somewhere but I can't remember how to evenly space multiple pasted objects, such as balusters. And second, is there a way to change the direction of hardwood floors in Suite or is it something where I have to create a new material?
  4. After I deleted the invisible room I wished I had saved a pic of it. But I was raising the ceiling height to get it close. But I could get the peak to match up but the gutters wouldn't line up, plus I had what looked like an inside eave that was inside the room on the front side roof. No matter what I tried I wasn't able to fix.
  5. Witht the help of everyone here I was able to get the structure of the FROG right, minus the gable wall niche on the west wall. I tried to break the wall so I can change the overhang but it won't let me change them to two different depths. I can make a change to one of the breaks but I only see it make the change when I change the other break as well, but the overhang is changed in tandem to the same value. I also tried making an invisible bump out, which works but I can't get the roof to match up exactly with the FROG roof. .....I'm not giving up though, I'll get it eventually. I will read w
  6. I've attached a few pictures to hopefully shed some light on what I'm having issues with. the rear of the house is at normal height as you can see by the windows and the front is not, but the dormer is. I've tried the room divider and I cannot get the result I need. As a matter of fact, when I delete the roof and even all of the second floor the room divider remain and cannot be deleted. I've tried making the back wall a shed wall but it brings it all the way up to the main house roof level. So I'm at a loss.
  7. I think I found a workaround. I just made the object invisible and put the custom object over it. May not be the correct way but it works for me.
  8. I guess I forgot to mention that I already added the objects to the library but they still only show when I select the object, not when I try to change the default railing objects.
  9. I'm trying to figure out how to add a 3D object that I downloaded and have it show up in my library. Here's my dilemma, I want to change the newel and baluster on my stairs, but none of the items in the default catalog are what I want, so I downloaded some from the interweb, problem is when I click library to change, none of my objects show up. I can select the item just fine if I'm not in the railing specification box, I can just select and drag. But I can't do it that way because if I delete my default railing I lose my stairwell.
  10. What's the difference between HomeTalk forums and ChiefTalk forums?
  11. Mick, Yes I saw the FROG KBA but it doesn't really talk about a FROG on a house that the roof is lower than the main house, in addition the back wall of my FROG is at standard height but front wall is not. I'm starting to think that the Suite version has limits whereas Pro does not. LawB10, I will use your suggestions and try to implement the best I can. The bay window foundation I deleted because I don't want the foundation to extend down from the bay, I want it to extend down from the main wall. I don't have a basement, just a crawl, and in order for me to create my current attic
  12. thanks for the replies. I tried the soffit trick and it worked beautifully.
  13. I've searched the forum and training videos but I cannot figure out how to create a countertop at a higher height than the rest of my countertops. I have a peninsula wall with a sink and dishwasher on one side but I want to create a second countertop at a higher height off of the back side that I can then place stools at. Is this possible with HD Suite?
  14. I am trying to recreate my house so I can later make future improvements but I'm having a hair pulling time trying to get my FROG right. I'm attaching the plan so you can see what I'm talking about. I have a 0 level, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and A level. But my unfinished attic is what I call the 3rd level, but it is a very large space. my problem is the attic and room over the garage, if I make the wall heights according to actual measurements my house is way too tall, so I had to shrink the 3rd level and FROG (2nd) level to less than a foot height to make it look right in 3D view. so I am asking anyone