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    Updating from Pro10 to Pro16

    Thanks for the info. I fixed the wall tool by using angle snaps. That was a simple fix ! Thanks again.
  2. bigalinda

    Updating from Pro10 to Pro16

    I am considering updating or buying the new Pro 16 software. If I buy new, will I have to deactivate my license on Pro 10 in order to use Pro16 ? I am still using Pro 10 and may have to refer back to it if i do more work on a particular design in the future. Can the designs be imported from Pro 10 into Pro 16?If I download a trial version of Pro 16 will it impact my Pro 10 version? Also if I chose to upgrade I am afraid it may not work properly as my wall tool on Pro 10 is not drawing straight. I have to use the make parallel/ perpendicular to straighten it each time. Thanks