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    Noob - Freeze dimensions of an object

    Awesomeness = Kbird1 Thanks
  2. PsaltyDS

    Noob - Freeze dimensions of an object

    Had the difference between the center handle and the two end handles down. Selected the center handle and started sliding the opening along the wall. Left clicked on the dimension showing distance to the nearest wall and manually entered the distance. This is how my notes were taken (30" doorway opening 29" from interior corner). The edge of the opening jumped to the proper distance from the wall but the size of the opening changed. I don't think I selected the wrong handle because I set the width and then started sliding it down the wall to get it close (a center handle function) before clicking on the distance and entering exact measurement. Thanks for the tip, I will go back and retry paying closer attention to exactly what handle is selected to see what I missed. Maybe clicking that distance measurement changed the selected handle of the object. Cheers.
  3. PsaltyDS

    Noob - Freeze dimensions of an object

    Noob user of HD Suite 2016 - first post on forum... Moving objects (doorways and windows at the moment), and want to freeze the dimensions of the object so it does not auto-resize every time distance from anther object (nearest wall) is manually entered. Enter distance from nearest wall, and the opening risizes. Change the size of the opening and both edges move, changing distance to the nearest wall. Not enough hair left to be pulling it out like this. Must be missing something easy here.