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    Rescaling image sent to layout

    Thats what i have been doing. Just wanted to know if there was an easier way. Thank you
  2. Truksttop

    Rescaling image sent to layout

    sorry the message did not attach. Trying this again Truksttop
  3. Truksttop

    Rescaling image sent to layout

    When i send a drawing to layout i get this screen. Where do i find the layout box and the Rescale layout view edit toolber butto Truksttop
  4. Truksttop

    3D Orthographic View

    I recently updated my software from Home Designer Professional 2014, to the 2015 Professional. When i used the 3D views my image only appears when i scroll the mouse. As soon as i let it go the image disappears. Is there a setting a need to change? Truksttop Home Designer Professional 2015
  5. Truksttop

    loft in a cabin

    i am trying to draw a loft in a cabin. how do i add the loft with out affecting the roofline? Truksttop Home Designer Professional 2014
  6. Truksttop

    Multiple page layouts

    Home Designer Pro 2014 .pdf How do add another sheet to my layout? I want to make a Foundation plan, Floor plan, and Roof Plan on three separate sheets with out making three separate layout. EX. I want one layout that is three sheets. The A-1 in the corner, i need to make an A-2 and an A-3. Truksttop Home Designer 2014 Professional