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  1. I'm using Better Homes & Gardens Home Designer Suite 8. I made a 3-storey (plus basement) design and I made a deck on the 2nd floor. After deleting the deck in the plan, it still shows up in the 3D views. Even when I save and re-load the plan, the 'ghost' deck still appears in 3D. Also, in 3D I'm unable to click on it to be able to delete it. I've had this same thing happen before. Any suggestions on how to deal with this? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you Mick. I will print out the comparison matrix for careful review but I think I'll go with the Suite 2015 - I want/need the ability to download additional manufacturer/bonus items & materials.
  3. I've loved using Home Designer Suite 8 for many years now and it's time to upgrade. I've seen the product comparison chart and I like the few extras that Suite 2015 has that Essentials 2015 doesn't. But...is Suite any more complex to use? I want a minimalistic interface...only the basics I need for quickly & easily getting the design down...not lots of cumbersome, esoteric 'Pro' design features and buttons that I'll never use and clutter the screen. I'd like something simple and uncluttered like Suite 8 but with a larger library of items.
  4. In Home Designer Suite 8, my title bars (I think that's what they're called) are thick and easy to click on. This is how I like it because I'm constantly toggling back and forth between different views of the plan I'm working on. In Pro 2015, the title bars are about half as high. Is there a way to ajust the thickness (height) of the title bars in the 2015 version? In Suite 8, it seems to be following the size that I've set in my Windows 7 personalized settings. Included is a screenhot from Suite 8 and Pro 2015 with the title bars circled in red to show the difference.