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  1. Thanks David, that seems to make sense. there are some more issues with my plan that have been frustrating and I saw no point in continuing if someone else had to draw up the plans anyway. maybe I will continue. what would you estimate the price range would be if I ask you or Mick to do the plans to get the building permit?
  2. Thank you Mick and David for taking the time to respond. I do have a structural engineer that I am working with. I have had the roof truss plan developed by a roof truss company. I have had surveyors out to confirm that my plan would meet local code, especially the 35' height limit. I understand that I could only produce one layout page from each .plan file copy. My contractor says we can't go any further until I get the blueprints acceptable to obtain a building permit. I don't have any experience with "ConDocs" and have had no architect schooling. It sounds like I am going to have to hire an architect to produce the plans that would be suitable to obtain the building permit.
  3. I am adding a 3rd floor addition to my home. I think that I got most of the plan done using Home Designer Pro but don't see how I could get the prints necessary to obtain a building permit. there are still a number of issues that need to be worked out but I don't want to keep committing significant amounts of time on the plan if I'm going to have to hire someone to produce the blueprints anyway.73whatcheer Sq deck.plan