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  1. Has anyone had similar problem or able to assist with roof issue related to aligning roof planes with different pitches. I am using Home Designer Pro 2016 and the roof planes seamlessly align in the model. However, a builder (also engineer) and auto-cad designer have advised that the connection between the roof pitch 4.5/12 to 9/12 ( see attachments) is not mathematically correct and building as modeled is not possible. Attached are the HD Pro drawings of roof planes and elevations for reference. Builder has told me that the 4.5 pitch will not intersect with 9/12 pitch, as shown in drawings, without moving forward the position of the 9/12 ridge line and/or changing roof pitches. Looking for resolution so as to build without changes to the overall exterior/interior architectural plans. Looking for clarification as to how software tool can model roof planes that don't work in real world! Appreciate any feedback. Thanks. 0226.v4.3.designdev.pg15.roof.100519-Layout.pdf 0226.v4.3.designdev.pg3.main.022520.kitchen-Layout.pdf 0226.v4.3.design.020920.front.elev-Layout.pdf 0226.v4.3.design.020920.right.elev-Layout.pdf