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  1. Mick (Kbird1) thank you very much for your input. I downloaded and installed the xvid codec you suggested and it works fine and nicely. It can be used (chosen as to be used) by Home Designer to record a walkthrough and although I did not try the resulting video with MovieMaker, MoviePlus manages to run the video and allows to work with it. Anyway, it seems that the problem I was facing had not to do with the codecs (although some seem to work better than others). What I was not doing was to properly set up the project settings and to properly customize the export settings within Serif MoviePlus. None of the available default settings being offered by MoviePlus in order to export was being suitable. To make things work, first of all I needed to edit the “project setting” in MoviePlus so as to tell the program that the frame size of the video was 1844 x 760 (which seems not to be a standard or common ratio). Then, before exporting the edited video, I created (and then used) an “Export Template” for which among other things I told again the program that the frame size of the video was 1844 x 760, and set (through trial and error) a bit rate of at least 15.000. I needed to change other several parameters, but I am not sure what exactly is that I did in all respects. After lots of trials and errors, I just managed to get a good result.
  2. Thank you DavidJPotter for your input. Most probably it is me who sucks doing video editing rather than the program I have been using. I have done some video editing with the videos I have been filming (my son playing, birthdays, family parties and stuff like that) in HD mp4 format with Serif MoviePlus and before that using other formats (using different cameras), facing no problem at all. Anyway, if the problem would be due to the program I use, maybe whoever effectively did some video montage of Home Designer´s walkthroughs successfully and painlessly might comment on which program is he or she using. And thanks Mick (KBird1), as you said, probably I am using the wrong settings. The thing is that I tried several different settings and I haven’t find any yet that would work fine. MoviePlus is quite simple an intuitive to work with and it offers plenty of possible settings for recording or converting video and as I said, I have done some video editing before in a quite straightforward manner with good results. I am not being able to do so with my walkthroughs (which are fine by themselves). I also tried with Movie Maker (which is for free and much simpler and offers less setting options than MoviePlus), speculating that maybe the problem had to do with an outdated avi codec (or whatever). I believe avi is a format developed or used by Microsoft as Movie Maker is (or maybe I am wrong) so I downloaded the latest version of Movie Maker. But I got the same unsatisfying results as with MoviePlus.
  3. When I play a walkthrough (AVI file) directly created (recorded) by Home Designer Architectural, it looks fine. I tried to combine (stick) a few short walkthroughs created in the same manner using a film editor program (I tried with Serif MoviePlus and with Movie Maker) in order to obtain a single movie from several, keeping an AVI format or converting to mp4, but it seems that the resulting video loses resolution or definition (it does not look right to me). Has it something to do with the AVI format or codec or whatever being used by Home Designer? or What could be happening? Would anyone have a suggestion that would help me to overcome this issue?