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  1. Clivec

    Room Spec Ceiling values cannot edit

    Thanks Guys, resetting to defaults fixed the problem. Just had to re-do some of the rooms not using the default settings.
  2. Clivec

    Room Spec Ceiling values cannot edit

    I have a ground floor room where in the Room Spec > Structure dialog for some unknown reason I cannot change the Ceiling values "Ceiling value may not be changed as the floor above has varying heights". I go to the three rooms above and in the Room Spec > Structure , the Ceiling Below (H) field is greyed out and has "No Change" in the field value and the tickbox is neither ticked or unticked but a solid square. All my other rooms have the default values. Being new I think I did something to the room but not sure what and can't see how to get all the rooms back to being the same default ceiling heights. Room spec dialogs and plan attached. Current Plan.plan