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  1. David Wow!!! Thanks for the MASTER CLASS!! I really learned so much in your tutorial... I have fixed the problem Thanks to You!! I reset my system back to default and made some of your suggestions... It is back Yay!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to explain all of your helpful suggestions.. I had issues in other plans I was working on, so I had to change back to default settings to clear up the render issues I was having and lo and behold it fixed the problem in this plan. You addressed some other issues I was havi
  2. @ Solver... I changed my signature... sorry for not doing this earlier when I changed programs... Thanks for the nudge... David - I also changed the emissive properties on my ceilings and walls and lights... It did not help resolve the problem completely... I know that it is a "user error" - I just don't know what I can do to fix it.. This is the reason I mentioned in my original post... that I know it was something that I turned on, just don't know what or how to turn off... The only emissive settings was on the ceilings and walls... even after changin
  3. Hi Guys, Need help with a file.. and distorted views and images (all settings). Note - it was not like this at all times, so something must have triggered this... Unfortunately, it happens in all files that are saved versions of this file. . I have checked all my render settings... image settings... compared the file to other files... This is the only one that is doing this.. I resaved under new name.. All files associated with this are not showing clearly like my other files... Can you look at this and tell me if there is something I am missing... The images are not rig
  4. Donco15


    New Feature found in HD Pro 2021 - Not in my HD Pro 2020 The new 2021 version - Standard View and PBR View is substantially better than my 2020 version when displaying paint colors and has more manufacturer selections In the past, I have deleted the old program before installing the new one. This time, I have them both still, for now.. and could not believe how much better colors show up for the Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams Catalogs In the 2021 version they have a color palette for Benjamin Moore which has all the current 2020 colors for the
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    I am happy to say that I took the leap of faith and updated to HDPRO 2021. I am glad that I did.. My first blush into looking at the new release is that it looks identical to 2020 version. I was surprised and pleased at how much better the PBR renders look in 2021. I would have hoped that they would give us a little more features on the materials side, BUT.... I am REALLY Happy at how vastly different the PBR looks. My basic materials do look vastly improved.. Thanks Chief Architect for this feature, I am so happy about this. I am excited about this and look forward to using the
  6. Donco15


    Thanks @Dominic900and @HDbyJustin thanks to your feedback... I am taking the plunge... I was wondering about the new version HDPro 2021. I will be upgrading and will share my feedback. It is nice to see what other fellow more experienced users feel about the new version. Really appreciate your candid feedback. Look forward to upgrading and using the new features...
  7. Found it... I was using the wrong terminology - Duplicating floor. is the right terminology . Anyway - I will keep this up here in case anyone is looking for it...It is from 2015 - but still helped create the solution I was looking for.. Here is the link in case anyone in the future wants to know how to make a multi story building - just duplicate the floor.. Thanks to the Resources team for creating this... I typically find the answers after writing a questio
  8. Hi All.. I would like to know if anyone can point me in the direction of how to create a multi story apartment building. I have seen a few in the gallery of images and think they are great.. I am posting a sample plan of a condo unit for you to see - I have done the catwalk, and balcony. However, this is a single family structure with a pitched roof. I have been looking in the videos but they are for single family homes with multi floors. If you know of something for me to read or watch, I would be most appreciative. Here
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    Apt Azena-2019

    Great job and designs using HD Pro 2020