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  1. Jon_Reno

    Locked out!

    Solved, by submitting a ticket, which was immediately taken care of by support. :-) Thanks, John! Sorry for my earlier ranting, LOL Kbird, thanks for the suggestion. Restore didn't do it, but it didn't hurt anything either. The problem was evidently server-side, not local. Customer support deactivated my acct., after which I was able to re-activate & go on down the road. Makes me wonder if there is some sort of built in time out, beyond which time one must reactivate. Maybe just a glitch, who knows?
  2. Jon_Reno

    Locked out!

    Update: I can log into my account from the 'deactivate computer' dialogue. It says I have no active licenses. Huh? :/ BUT - I cannot log into customer support using the same username and password. This 'rights management' jazz has gotten out of hand, I'd say.
  3. Jon_Reno

    Locked out!

    When I tried starting CA Arch 2015 tonight there was an update available, so I followed that path (I doubt I'll be doing THAT again!). Now I am locked out. It wants my key, which is still in my computer, so I have given it. It tells me that the program is active on another computer, not this one, and I need to deactivate it on the other computer. This is impossible, though, since I have not activated the prog on any other computer. The other option seems to go to customer support, which I cannot because the CS login is not recognizing my valid password! (I have it written down, so I know it's correct) I mean, I gave it my key. WTH is all this other nonsense? I'm not sure where my program disc is ATM; I have quite a lot of stuff packed up in boxes, as I am having a reno done here. I cannot afford having this $200 program die on me, especially since my contractor is finally here and I need my drawings. Would appreciate any help. This is in the wrong forum, but I cannot access custgomer support.
  4. Jon_Reno


    Is there a changelog available for update, the current update? Thanks
  5. Jon_Reno

    How do I fix a roof

    I had the same problem. Turns out I had an interior wall slightly higher than the exterior walls and it was just high enough for the program build a ridge to there. After much agonizing figuring out what was wrong, long story short - I fixed the offending interior wall, deleted the roof, and then rebuilt it. It was a simple gable roof though. If your roof is so complicated that you don't want to delete & rebuild it, then maybe someone will chime in with a better option. You might check to make sure your wall in question didn't somehow get set as a gable wall. (I'm new to this program, but an old hand at CAD - maddening things happen.)