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  1. I did have to rebuild my dormers. However, regarding material defaults I finally received a proper explanation of this: Regarding the "Walls (Exterior)" line item in the Material Defaults dialog, please accept our apologies for the confusion. As you noted, this line item was removed in the 2017 program version - but please be assured that it does NOT represent any loss in functionality. It was, in fact, removed because it gave the impression that it could be used to control default wall materials when this is not the case. If you click the Help button in the Material Defaults dialog, the
  2. Thanks for taking a peek. I did submit a ticket with Support. Waiting for a response. I ended up rebuilding the whole floor using manual dormers so i now have the correct siding on it. Lesson here is to not be lazy and use the auto dormer tool.
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    FWIW, David has been the first to respond in many cases and always willing to help.
  4. Not according to the help section. It states it is in the same place but it isn't. Maybe I open a ticket?
  5. What is odd is that under materials, wall exterior no longer exists in 17. I just checked 16 and it is there. So unless it is moved........
  6. I updated to HDS17 today. Now in my plan, the dormers drawn with the dormer tool will not allow me to change the material on the face of the dormer. I can change the gable walls on each side using the eye dropper and paint tool. If i move the dormer to sit on the wall below, i can change the material too. Problem i always have when i do that is the ceiling/dormer roof intersection gets messed up. Thanks in advance, Jared Gambrel final 2 bath 2nd floor.plan
  7. You all are fantastic! I did as Jo Ann said and I am on track now. I am glad I was able to give you all a challenge and it wasn't something stupid. Makes me feel better about myself haha. I was close, i changed the rooms to slab then back hoping to force a change to no avail. Thanks to all for the help!!
  8. That is what I thought. I removed a wall with the family room and it was ok. Put the wall back and reverts back. So, same results as you. I went through default settings and verified everything. Next option for me was to start over.
  9. Here is one that is correct. Still no way to edit.
  10. I am sure you are correct. I was just trying to think of when it happened and why. I remember at one point in a camera view i saw brick everywhere inside! Given how many changes this has been through, i would be willing to bet that an area at one point in time may have been a slab with brick. Attached are screenshots. Well that makes the shutters easier, haha. Thanks for the tip!
  11. Solver, i think i know what happened. Way back when, i found the tool where you could paint surfaces with the eyedropper and painter. I did not really know how to use it and at one point i looked in the house and saw that floor! I think i had the replace all materials button checked. Problem is, i did not know how to change it. I dont think i can in HDS2015. It is greyed out.
  12. Thermal mass. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, no?
  13. Here it is zipped. Hope that is ok. front porch cape
  14. I'll try to post it. It was too large. What is the preferred method to reduce file size? I understand that 4" is the slab structure. I have made sure it was "family room" or another type. I don't see that I am able to change it manually as it is greyed out.
  15. Hello all, new here. I have an issue where my floor structure is 4" in some rooms. I cannot change that value. I am using HDS 2015. Other rooms are 12 5/8" which seems standard. The rooms are set to the correct room type. Any thoughts? Thanks!