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  1. Gabriela


    Hi David, thank you very much for this great support - Could not be better !!! With greetings, Gabriela.
  2. Gabriela


    This forum is nothing worth. Only formalities but no solutions ... And the support from the developer understands allegedly not what I mean ... ??? Well I´ve decided for the wrong software! I'm going to warn other users in the social media. Have fun in the future with yourself. I´m out now.
  3. Gabriela


    Thank you very much for the helpful remark. I´ve added the signature now. Sorry, but I´m a beginner with this software and in this forum ... Thank you very much, Gabriela.
  4. Gabriela


    Hello, I want to create a carport like the picture attached. But I don´t know how I can realize that especially the timber construction. Can anybody help me with this task? Tank you very much! Gabriela.