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  1. Get nothing for gates...
  2. Got it! Was selecting the dog panels in the Baluster option, no wonder the shape was bad... now to find those gates, I really do not see the Gates folder in the Library. How do I get that content?
  3. Thanks, yes I saw that post already, but when you actually try to create a fence like I describe it is not working... how do you use the dog-eared panel to create one, does not work for me. I also don't see Gates in the catalog under that location or anywhere else??
  4. ChadEdwards

    Privacy Fence

    How do I use the Fence to create a standard 3 rail, 5-1/2 in dog-eared picket fence? I tried the panels from library but they come in weird width and rotated towards the view, not in-plane with the fence line. I tried 5-1/2 in ballusters but it makes them square and too thick. I searched the KB but not much on it. Chad HDP-2016
  5. Thanks Eric, that's what I figured. Does Chief have the feature?
  6. Thanks David, what I am saying is the model distance is one value, I need it to be another and the dimension to show that but do not have time to work all the related edits to make the model dimensions perfect so I want to just force the dimension to read the correct value in the layout drawing. I am placing text over the model view dimension and it shows up in the layout the same correct value. Is there a way to just edit the dimension values as an NTS value and the dimension does not update or drive any geometry?
  7. Can I override a dimension value in HDP-2016 to use a specific value in the layout (NTS)? I know I can put text over the value with a white background to mask the actual value, is there a better way if I don't have time to modify the model?