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  1. Got the import working finally and now trying to figure out the best methodology to build the model. I imported a track around the property lines as the terrain perimeter plan. But as a terrain perimeter is doesn't have any elevation data. I tried re-importing the perimeter track as elevation data overlaying it on the terrain perimeter. It appears to work when viewed in 3D (need check some of the data points) but is that the best way to start? Second how do I add in the elevation data inside the terrain perimeter? Do I have to do multiple waypoints and import them as elevation data? Does it automatically position in the existing terrain perimeter or do I have to manually try to locate it correctly? (I would have a lot of waypoints to import due to the terrain variations ;-( ) Can I run another, non closed loop track to pick up the elevation data and just import it? (Again will it be positioned correctly in the plan?) Lastly, how can I set the "bottom " of my elevations, my yard ranges from 140' to 110' above sea level. When I view in 3D I have a really thick 3d image, so I want it to just calculate the 140'-110' range, less 100' (Range would be 10' to 40' in the 3D model) Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. I'm using HD Suite 2016 on OS X, GPS is a Garmin GPS76Cx, and exporting the .gps files from Garmin Basecamp in gpx.1.1 format. (Basecamp is Garmin's management tool.) I trying to start a new landscape project and because our yard is on a grade I wanted to use the GPS to capture location and elevation info for my landscape plan. For this test I create 5 way points and exported them into individual .gpx files. I created a default landscape template since I can't import files without a template open. First, is their a way to import multiple .gpx files at once? It will only allow me to select an individual file, (CTRL, CMD or Shift select doesn't work) The import gave me an entry outside my template. If I select and import a second file, it places it directly top of the previous one. (Imported as a Elevation point) I also tried exporting all 5 waypoints into a single .gpx file and when imported they were all on top each other. I did watch the video on import but they don't do the step by step for GPS, just text files. How is this suppose to work?
  3. P15-D24

    Wall heights...

    How do I preset wall heights? I'm matching an existing standing shed and it seems like the only way I can change the wall heights is by altering the pitch on the shed roof. Would like to go the other way, ether the two wall heights and have it determine the pitch.
  4. How do I create a framing elevation view?
  5. Have an out building (Rectangle floor plan) with a shed roof, starts at 11" down to 8". Want to add a small bathroom addition where the roof attaches to the 11' wall at 9', then slopes down to 8". So the addition roof is not connected to the existing shed roof, but rather the wall and down a foot. How do I set up two shed rooflines going in opposite directions at different heights? Take a look at http://www430.pair.com/p15d24/misc/shed.jpg (I tried to upload the image file and got and Error302) Using Home Designer Suit 2016 v17.3.1 on OS X