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    European Catalogs Available?

    Hi again, Now that I read your reply again that makes more sense . Meanwhile I purchased the Home Designer Pro version, designed my first home and installed some items from the 3D warehouse. Thx again, Baz
  2. Basilisk

    European Catalogs Available?

    Thank you Kbird1, Appreciate your quick response. I was hoping one of the Euros would drop in their two cents as well. Is there a place where the Euro users discuss this subject? From your words I assume there must be a place where all of this is coordinated. Regards, Baz
  3. Basilisk

    European Catalogs Available?

    So I really like this product and I'm thinking of buying the Home Designer Pro edition. But before I take that step I would really like to know if there are any Catalogs for European companies in the library. Or is this product strictly focused on the North American market? Regards, Baz