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    Creating Terrain

    Ok, another question. I have attached a PDF of a portion of the terrain. I see several green lines with terrain data that I need to edit. I can edit the black lines but not the green ones. How do I edit the green lines. Thanks Terrain PDF.pdf
  2. KR4SC1

    Creating Terrain

    Ok, I figured out how to access the layer set for camera views. It did not look like your view. Thanks, now I need to work on actually doing the terrain design.
  3. KR4SC1

    Creating Terrain

    How do I get to the layer set for 3D? I am only getting a layer set for default
  4. KR4SC1

    Creating Terrain

    Terrain is set to display. Terrain Features Display checked Terrain Labels Used Checked, Display Checked Terrain Perimeter Used Checked, Display Checked Terrain, Elevation Data Used Checked, Display Checked Terrain, Primary Contours Used Checked, Display Checked Terrain, Secondary Contours Used Checked, Display Checked
  5. KR4SC1

    Creating Terrain

    I am looking for some help with the terrain design on this set of plans. For some reason (probably because I don't know what I am doing.. :-) ), I cannot see the terrain when I look at the 3D Camera View. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for the help. Kyle. Home Designer Pro 2018 Plan Set Terrain