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  1. SKMiddleton

    Building with Steel-Rigid frame rafters and posts

    I will...thanks. I appreciate your guidance.
  2. SKMiddleton

    Building with Steel-Rigid frame rafters and posts

    Thanks. I think that I now have my signature set. I have not ever worked in SketchUp...but I am not scared to try. I guess once I have done that I am going to have to figure out how to layer all of my materials for ceilings, walls, etc...but maybe SketchUp is the only place for me to start. It is too bad that the software doesn't have this type of framing structure since they are common across the country. Perhaps not in residential construction projects, but in many commercial and agricultural applications and will be more common in residential in coming years. I guess every program has its limits.
  3. SKMiddleton

    Building with Steel-Rigid frame rafters and posts

    I have attached a picture below and a YouTube link to similar framing. This is not a company that I am familiar with in the YouTube video, but the concept is similar. I am want this type of steel framing and do not want to rely on a lot of structural supports in the interior of the project. This steel framing allows for this type of possibility. This is the way that many agricultural shops that store farm equipment are built, but there is a trend in many parts of the country to build homes using this type of framing. It allows for you to design and layout your rooms inside the structure in any way that you wish with none of the walls really being loadbearing. I am planning to build a two story (two 10' ceiling heights) and there will be steel beams that support the floor for the second it will be 20' at the eaves with a 4:12 pitch. The main residential building will be 80'W x 100'L, with a gable roof, and the shop/garage portion of the building will attach almost at the middle in the back of the residence that will be 50'W x 50'L with a gable roof that runs the opposite direction of the front and ties in. I don't know if this helps explain the scenario any better or not, but I am not an architect and this is my first time working with a planning/design this has been very challenging for me...but fun and entertaining to say the least. I plan to get my basic design put together and then have it reviewed by a professional.
  4. I have Home Designer Pro 2019, and I am trying to learn how to develop a plan design for a metal building home using #11 structural red iron rigid steel framing for rafters and columns (tapered). The building will be an actual home rather than a metal building as the outside will use standard residential building materials (stacked stone, brick, masonry siding) rather than sheet metal. The building will contain two floors (each 10' ceilings, so 20' at the eaves) and will be 80' wide by 100' long. A separate attached shop will be constructed onto the back that is 50' x 50' that will by one floor for my boats, tractors, rv, ATV's, and workshop and tools. I have struggled trying to accomplish the framing, and would love some help accomplishing this. I think that it will start with creating the correct wall specification; wall type, but I am not certain about that and would love some assistance. With the growing popularity of "bardominiums" and the amazing layout opportunities to frame internal walls any way that you wish without the worry of them being load bearing, I suspect that this will be something of interest to a greater number of subscribers/clients soon.