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  1. Thanks, I put the signature in. Just upgraded to HD Pro last week from 2015 and opened a previous plan. I suspect the defaults of the new version are the cause of my problems though the defaults should be plan specific. I always have problems when designing manual roof planes. Any insights on my undo material and texture issue?
  2. When I used the material eyedropper to apply stucco to the exterior of an attic wall without checking the scope, all interior wall surfaces changed to stucco. As I was working on roof planes, wall alignment etc., I did not see this until after multiple important operations which I don't want to undo. What is the most expeditious fix for this? Trying to avoid editing material and texture on every interior wall. Help is much appreciated.
  3. Any ideas about the best way to create a sloped exterior window sill (brick soldier course) in HD Pro.?