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    Tracking changes for remodeling/renovations

    Thanks KBird1... It sounds essentially like there is no built-in support for versioning, and one just needs to save to a file for each version. How about tracking materials and costs for just the changes?
  2. Hi, I'm looking into Home Designer Pro to use in planning remodeling for an existing house. The "product chooser" on the web site said that all of the software products are suitable for remodeling, with Architectural and Professional being best for it. I'd like to build a model of the house as it is, then design various alterations based on that model. I want an easy way to track & see just the changes from the reference model, and especially to see the materials lists of just the changes. I've downloaded the HDP trial and don't see a way to do this, nor can I find anything in the support database on the web site. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Thanks, Elliot