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    I need help with a breakfast bar

    This worked and it was elegant. Thank you. Matt Larson
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    I need help with a breakfast bar

    Home Designer Suite 2016 - Build Windows 7 Professional 64bit NVIDIA GeForce 210 8 GB RAM Hi all, I am a new user and I need help with a breakfast bar that I cannot figure out how to make. I have attached the plan file and a jpg I have managed to do a pretty convincing job of recreating my actual home in preparation of designing a kitchen remodel. I am not worried about planning plumbing or electrical as my contractor can do all that. The program is primarily to previsualize various ideas. On of the ideas is a breakfast bar wrapping around an existing wall. The idea is for it to be part of the countertop. I have tried the counter tool, but cannot get the shape I want. I have tired the shelf tool, and that limits me to rectangles. I have tried the line drawing tool under the CAD menu, and was able to draw the shape, but could not figure out how to convert that shape to an object. The snapshot includes an "photoshopped" version of the bar I am looking to build. Please help! Thanks, Matt Larson House Ready 11 FINAL Lock.plan