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  1. Sorry, I'll try again... I want to print a true to scale plan of say 1:200. This option is only available on the File/Print menu not the File/Print Image menu. This means that no 3D views can be used as they are images and can't be printed to an exact scale and I do need a drawing that measurements can be scaled from. In the scale printed view I would prefer to just show the roof or plan view of the house and not the internal structure. I don't believe this is possible but wanted to confirm that I wasn't missing something? The options I have. 1.
  2. Thanks. I've tried that but you can only print as an image which doesn't allow a print to scale i.e. 1:200 or similar. The view is also still 3d so you can see the sides of the buildings on the edge of the plan. The only way I can see to print to a specific say 1:200 scale is by using the File/Print... option which only seems to work when viewing the floor plan. Richard
  3. Hi, I've produced a plan which has my house, outbuildings and the terrain. I now wish to print a scale view of the whole plot to give to a landscaper but I don't want to show any internals of the buildings. The normal print option does the scale correctly and uses vector output so large drawings are possible however, it only works from the 1st floor view and this shows internal details I don't wish to share. I've tried using the full 3d camera and then set the view direction to top, then going to technical illustration. This gives the correct type of view but it's stil
  4. RichardG

    Help with roof

    No problems with the thread, it's all useful stuff and I now better understand what you are describing. I'll do some better measuring and check the roof angles and then have a go at updating. Thanks Richard
  5. RichardG

    Help with roof

    Thank you Jo_Ann, that's a great tip to work round the problem for me and very clear instructions. I haven't finished the house yet and still find myself checking dimensions when something does't look right or when I can't get the program to replicate what I have. I'm working on it.... Thanks again Richard
  6. RichardG

    Help with roof

    Thank you David, that was very useful, especially seeing the power of the professional version. I'll save the plan so I have a master copy to work from if case no one else comes up with a solution using only Architectural. Unfortunately as much as I'd like to I just can't justify the Pro version at the moment.. Thanks again Richard
  7. RichardG

    Help with roof

    Blimey, thanks for the feedback, thats all going to take me a while to take in. However, the main house was 2 Victorian farm workers cottages and then joined to make one cottage and then extensions added over the 150 years. Most of the floors are different heights and the ceilings are different between the two old cottages and the extensions...however, I'm sure I have things wrong. The walls are all different thicknesses too and solid brick mostly. When I removed the fixtures I also removed a wall by accident, I've updated the plan and here's a picture of the rear, same problem as front.
  8. RichardG

    Help with roof

    I've been modelling my house and have everything completed but just can't get the roof quite right. I've attached a photo of the roof I'm trying to achieve and also a screenshot of the problem and the plan if anyone wants to have a go. The problem is that the shed type roof on the kitchen keeps attaching to the front porch roof. The only way I've found round the problem is to raise the height of the kitchen roof and lowing the height of the porch roof until the snap stops, however, this looks awful and not useful. Is there anyway of stopping this snap between roof planes? I've also tr