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    Help needed - complex Gambrel roof

    Wow many thanks for all the help. I fell off my chair when i saw you had made a whole video of the plan - that is fantastic. I really appreciate all the support. The big open question for me is now i have the gambrel roof, with a near vertical side, what window do i put in it ? Would a dormer work or not ? Current windows slightly protrude with a flat roof. thanks again.
  2. JonathanElvers

    Help needed - complex Gambrel roof

    I have struggled to do a typical Gambrel roof per the instructions David indicated given the multiple other roof around the property on front/side/back which are all different types. I will post the plan file. I have been learning the many elements of the product as you can see in the file. I am using Home Designer Pro 2016 Mac version - I only bought a week ago. You will notice - i still have much to learn! In getting the proper gambrel roofing elements, the wall doesn't seem to work and the windows disappear from the earlier version above. Marshall v2.plan
  3. JonathanElvers

    Help needed - complex Gambrel roof

    Hi, I am struggling with my new Pro software to model my existing house before i start looking at possible modifications. Specifically the roof is creating problems. It is gambrel, with very shallow flat roofed windows on the second floor. I have read the many roof videos/reports but this looks a complicated case and not obvious. With other roofs on the property from various extensions i am learning to do everything manually. So i need help on the roof, the windows, and how to add the loft/attic which is currently missing! Images of my attempt below. I am also using metric UK version and struggling with the 1 or 8 in 32 as this is not what i see in my dialog windows! Any help greatly appreciated. Very impressed with this powerful piece of software. Cheers