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    Enhancing 3D renders

    Thank you all for your suggestions, look like I've got some research to do.
  2. ericepv

    Enhancing 3D renders

    Thanks Kbird, I'll give that forum a try. I have tweaked all of the settings as much as I can, my main issue is how the gloss surfaces look. I am getting very nice results but not what Chief Priemer can do, I am hoping there might be another way to enchance the image until I can make the jump to Premier.
  3. ericepv

    Enhancing 3D renders

    I am using HD Pro 2015 and have been quite impressed with what it can do. I have spent quite a bit of time studying the help guide and adjusting my settings to maximize the quality of my renders but now I feel as though I have reached the limits of what the software can do. As an upgrade to Chief Premier is not currently on the horizion, I would like to know if anyone has experimented with using photo-editing software (I have GIMP 2.8) to acheive results that are similar to Chief Premier.