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  1. wow...I could do slopped anything on a VRML browser 20 years ago. Very disapoinitng. Julien
  2. Hello Jo Ann and Community, so making progress with my project and tried to display cieling beams on the shed roof portion, which are apparent in my home. I used the soffit tool to simulate the beams as per the article here. https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/support/article/KB-00161/creating-ceiling-beams.html But, my beams stay stubbornly horizontal, parallel to the floor. Any advice? Thanks! Best, Julien
  3. Jo-Ann, thanks again for your advice. Success! See picture attached. Concerning different kinds of roofs, I get it now. Quick question if I can ask one more (until the next one that is). How did you make the white vertical structural beams under the skylight? Using soffit? Best, Julien
  4. Hello, sorry. Rookie mistake. Mathematically the roof is flat, but slanted The roof is pretty much as per my posts, but here is a real picture attached (the house needs some work, which is why I am doing the plan :)) In fact, I made significant progress today, after lost of experimentation. I was able to find out that the angled walls needed to be 'Gable wall', which makes sense since we want a Shed rood above that is flat. That took care of the bad ridges from my previous post. I still have a smaller problem left with ridges, as depicted in the attached. I think it is because the gable wall ends actually at a higher height that the neighboring room. Trying to fix it now... I am getting there, little by little. It is quite painful. 3D rendering is very sluggish, despite my high end config. Any suggestion to get rid of the remaining ridges, per the picture and I will be mostly there for the roof part! thanks a lot for your help. Julien
  5. Hello, thanks to Jo-Ann advice I was able to understand the upper pitch and 'distance from baseline' parameters (not really obvious at first!). I am getting close to where I need to be, but still I get some weird effects with ridges around the angle walls. Please see the attached pictures. Any idea how to remove the grey ridge caps and make the roof completely flat (in parts)? thanks for any advice! Julien
  6. Thanks Jo Ann Do you mean I could do all Shed roof and play with lower/upper pitch angles? Thanks, I will try this! I was thinking of playing with skylight as well. For the corner issue, I see that you successfully have flat roof to the angled extension. Exactly what i want to do...not sure how you achieved that! Thanks for your advice Julien
  7. Hello, I use the Home Designer Suite 2024 on a macbook Pro. I am modeling a house in the countryside that was built by adding an extension to an old house. The old house has a traditional gable roof, while the extension running on the whole long side has a Shed roof, with two textures: Roof tiles on most of the roof, and a semi-transparent roof above the living room. See screen capture. I have some questions: 1- The wall on zone 1 does not 'close', ie remains open to outside in the top triangle. Although I select 'full gable' (I also tried 'High shed/gable wall') in the wall roof panel, it does not close all the way to the top, as you can see. Meanwhile, it does close on the other end of the house, or in the middle parts (see wall in zone 2). By the way I had to trick the system in making a floor 2 with a low ceiling on the old part in order to get where i am and get the two slants of roof. 2- I want to create a roof with a polycarbonate semi-transparent roof in the middle section. But, I cannot seem to figure out how to create a roof with two different materials. Also, when I make a roof above the central part, it creates a complex roof while mine is completely straight. See picture 2 which shows what happens when I try to add a roof above the middle section of the extension. Picture 3 shows a google map snapshot of the roof. So, I would like to know if there is. a way to change the material just for this portion of the roof , and if there is a way to do a flat shed roof even though the room shape is not rectangular. Thanks for your help! Julien