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  1. Thanks LawB10 - I don't know how I missed the setting to resize the bottom component - I was sure it would be there and looked for it several times. But all good now. Thanks also for the upgrading comment.
  2. The window in this plan has been made up of five windows sized and grouped together. On the interior side, the casings go around each of the five windows, which is not how it is in real life. Have I done this correctly? If I upgraded to Chief Premier, would this problem be sorted? Regards window group.plan
  3. Thanks Eric I've had a good look through all those resources (which are very helpful) and read up on this particular issue, but can't get it working for me. File attached Using HD Pro 2018 - should be on my signature now 35 Maioro sketch 2.plan
  4. Hi I appear to be missing something re setting up lines weights, especially for vector, technical and elevation views, The default settings I have bring up quite a heavy line whereas the ideal is a much finer line. I've seen this in HD and CA videos so I understand it can be done. I see one can change the line weights in the layer display options, but which ones do I change and to what setting for these views? I've read up on it in HD help, but can't spot the solution.I have attached an example to try and communicate what I'm saying - how does one reduce the line weight to a nice fine line?Regards Doug HD Elevation.pdf HD Technical Illustration.pdf