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  1. Unfortunately, the suggestions on the help page are things that I have already tried. I wonder if perhaps the reason it isn't recognizing it as reaching the next level is because it doesn't come out exactly even with the next level? In other words, if the stairs are too high, instead of extending them up above the next higher floor it automatically starts the stairs below the first floor? If that is the case, then what I would need to do is to calculate my total stair height so that it comes out exactly to the next floor, no more and no less. With these stairs, they are not normal stairs. they are tall and narrow, and they go up at a 45 degree angle. I know, you want to know why I am doing it like that. I am remodeling an old farm house and I need to create the stairway in the house as they actually are in the house, not like they would be built to code. I fixed it! By clicking on the room I found that the height of the floor above is exactly 121 3/4" above the first floor. So, I just entered that value as the total height of the stairs, and the starting height as zero, and it worked!
  2. I bought the Suite about a year ago and just upgraded to the Pro version. I am trying to add some stairs, but every time I use the stairs tool, it gives me an error message, saying that the stairs don't reach the second level. When I look at the camera view, I can see that the first several steps are below the first floor level. I have tried deleting the stairs and starting over again, but it keeps doing the same thing. Does anyone know why it keeps doing this? Thank you! Doctormap22