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    Plumbing lines

    That looks like and interesting option. Don't care for their website much, big on fluff light on specs. Seems like it only does drain lines. Which are more difficult of course but the counts for supply line fittings would certainly be useful. I didn't see it mentioned but would be nice if it tallied drainage fixture units and water supply fixture units.
  2. TMD1580

    Best Way to Work with Different Floor Heights

    Well that starts to explain it. I just moved up about 8 or 10 years from an older version of Chief Lite (or whatever they called it back then) and, as one would expect, they've made some improvements. I need to have a frost wall that extends 4' below the basement floor at the walkout end. It seems like that's possible now. I'll have to mess around a bit. Thanks for the link David! Try to be more positive Jo_Ann.
  3. What's the best way to work with different floor heights? I don't currently have a plan to demonstrate as ever time I've tried to accomplish it the whole plan seems to get buggered up. Short story. I have a walkout basement that has several different floor heights. Long story. I'm planning an addition onto an existing house. The existing house has several different foundation types and heights. There are two separate crawl spaces on different ends of the house. A third section with 5' ceilings. Then the mechanical section which has 7' ceilings. The addition will have the walk out (actually a garage). The ground level at the walkout wall is 10' below the floor line of the first floor. At present I have the basement drawn as floor 1, which I believe is the preferred method for a walk out. The front section of the walk out will then need to have frost walls but will convert to just footing as it moves back into the hillside. Is it best to modify default settings as I draw or to just draw out all of the walls then change the height of each room? Maybe I just need to play with it more but it always seems that I screw up the floor above.
  4. TMD1580

    Window Cross Section Detail

    Changing the Frame>Rough Opening dimensions in addition to the 0 thickness insulation air gap gets me pretty darn close. I wasn't fully seeing the how things corresponded because I had my filled polyline boxes in the way! Image 9 shows what I was hoping to get to as a starting point, looks good! Image 10 is now that I'm starting to add some of the flashing details. I'll have to do some blank boxes where the drywall and siding stick up but that should be manageable. On a separate note. I'm trying to increase the thickness of the polyline I'm using to represent the flashing. I've moved the 'weight' value all over but don't see any change. Does that only work when you actually print?
  5. TMD1580

    Window Cross Section Detail

    I think I've sorted out what I was doing wrong. I'll be back shortly with an update...
  6. TMD1580

    Window Cross Section Detail

    I'm trying to create the required window bucking and framing details. No as in depth but something similar to the attached detail view. I've attached the plan as well. This is very much a work on progress so please don't judge too harshly It's an addition on to an 1880 Queen Anne style home. It has some interesting features that have been difficult to duplicate. At the moment I'm simply trying to finalize the window selections thus the interest in getting the framing details sorted. Thank you again for all of the assistance! 303ClarkAddition007.plan
  7. TMD1580

    Window Cross Section Detail

    Two pics attached. Added a 2" frame that is 6" deep. Then I tried modifying the wall type and added an 0 thickness 'Insulation Air Gap' over the drywall on the interior. That seems to have gotten me a bit closer. Any other thoughts?
  8. TMD1580

    Window Cross Section Detail

    Thank you for the replies! It seems as though the element in question is being generated via the wall not the window. After doing some messing around I changed the interior wall surface of the ICF to asphalt roofing (just to get a clear distinction) and the exterior to a red brick. In a 3d camera view you can see the asphalt and red on both sides of the window. So I guess I'm not sure if that leaves with any option to not generate it?
  9. TMD1580

    Window Cross Section Detail

    This is ICF construction so the wall is 12" thick. Going with replacement style windows so that they can be inset a bit. I'm trying to create the detail view for the window buck and casement. There is one piece showing up that I can't seem to find the setting to modify. Image attached. Anyone know what setting it is to modify this element?