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  1. Well... I'm not exactly sure how I did it, but I think I've got it. I still have a problem, in that there is no ceiling over the porch, but I'll tackle that later. I did manage to get the rooflines that I wanted, I just don't know if they will pan out in the framing plans or the section views, since I feel like I cheated the software in order to get the roof I wanted. I know it can be built this way... I just don't know how well the framing plans will turn out. Thanx @y-g-m-n for the advice on the hidden wall. I did actually do that, then drug the roof planes around until I got what I wanted... then deleted the invisible walls. I'm just worried now that some kind of Auto Roof update will screw things back up again. Is there some kind of, "Okay that works, now leave it the heck alone" toggle or lock I can apply? I would definitely sleep better at night if I knew things were locked into place now. Jim
  2. Thank you, I'll give this a try tonight. I kept trying to do it with the small walls that I built around those posts, but realizing they didn't span far enough, they only created their own Gable roof. What you say makes sense, I'll give it a shot. Jim
  3. I am attempting to roof my completed main floor. The porch is covered by a gable roof that carries through to the back of the house (I'll include some renderings from another source). I have created the three posts on the porch, but cannot figure out how to define the proper roof plan based on what I need. Any advice would be appreciated. For the record, I have a good deal of Architectural background, but it is from the old school days, where you drew everything manually. I can visualize what I need, but I'm just too new to HDPro to get through this without some advice. I'm happy to share any necessary files. Thanx, Jim