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  1. Katherine

    Cabinets don't automatically line up

    Thanks everyone. I think I was trying to be a bit too precise when initially placing the cabinets. It works better if I just sort of "toss" the cabinets in place. I am struggling to understand how to use the snaps. I've read the info in help, but could benefit from seeing how it is actually used. Are there any videos that contain examples like this?
  2. Katherine

    Cabinets don't automatically line up

    Hi, I'm a newbie, using HD Architectural 2017 on Windows 7 machine. I have watched several instructional videos, especially about designing kitchens, and have seen that when put in close proximity, cabinets will automatically snap together and line up. But when I place cabinets, they don't. As a result, I get them overlapping, and misaligned so that there are bumps in the edges of the counter tops. What am I doing wrong? It's maddening trying to get them to all line up properly. TIA Katherine