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    Constraining dimensions

    Thank for the replies. I'm a regular user of CAD and 3D design apps so this software is largely intuitive. Having said that, yes I am new to CA. I understand what you are saying David. Perhaps you could point me to the section of the docs or a video where the order of operations are defined or where conditional operations are discussed. Thank you.
  2. apex944

    Building a Portico

    That was it. The Portico instructions I found specified a gabled roof. Removed that and the pitch setting was then available for editing. Thank you. Any insight into my dimension constraint question a few posts down?
  3. apex944

    Building a Portico

    I tried that and here is what I got
  4. apex944

    Constraining dimensions

    How can I "lock" certain dimensions so that further edits don't move wall and rooms sizes on me? I'm sure this is a common question but I assure you that I did search using multiple keywords... no luck however.
  5. apex944

    Building a Portico

    I followed the CA info on how to add a Portico found here: http://www.homedesignersoftware.com/support/article/KB-00168/ However the Portico I want to design does not use a gabled roof. Attached is a photo of what I'm trying to do. Flat "roof" with a balcony on it. If I can get the roof created the balcony I can create. The porch slab, columns all were created. It's the flat roof I'm having trouble with. Pointers?