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  1. Yes! If I zoom in on a wall section to draw a CAD detail, the arrow size is giant! Text size is adjustable. But, I can't figure out how to save the zoomed in detail at whatever magnification level. HD reverts back to the cross section. At that point, text sizing that I've adjusted when zoomed in, is very small. Of course, Premier has much broader capability with CAD details, It'd nice to be able to draw them in HD too. Goal is to export these to layout as typicals, with enough detail that moisture and air control layers are discernible.
  2. Beginning to think HD is pretty light. The scheduling and CAD detailing in Premier is nonexistent in the former. And it's pretty basic stuff. I'm coming from hand drawing and minor use of Sketchup. Long road.
  3. Yes, Pro! Quite stymied. Best I can do is reasonable. Text is a problem too. Zooming in to label a detail results in disproportionate text and arrow sizing. Better to do this in Sketch-up and import? Would the function be the same in CA? Figured I'd begin the learning curve with HD Pro as the skill set should be easily transferable to Premier. Would make the transition as work demand can support the cost.
  4. Hello! I'm a long-time home builder. As I've rolled through the years, have come to focus on design-build and higher performing assemblies. Would like to transition more to design and envelope consulting. Going through a learning curve now with HD. Glaringly obvious that I'll have to move to the CA platform at some point. Learning basics for now. That said, I'm very frustrated ability to draw thick wall and roof assemblies. Double stud I can define with 2 independent walls. Exterior insulation isn't too tricky, either. Rain screens are difficult. Current problem is the Bonfiglioli Wall. This is my baseline standard. I can work around the detail by drawing with 2x8 studs as my built out cavities are 7.25 inches. But I'm stymied drawing the detail, would like to incorporate into a typicals sheet: 1) cladding 2) rainscreen 3) WRB/ air control layer 4) 2x6 stud 5) 1" xps ripper over face of stud 6) 1x ripper over xps ripper 7) moisture control layer 8) drywall The best I've been able to do is draw cad lines into a 2x8, but I can't infill each section with appropriate material or coloring. Am I shooting at the moon here?