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    creating a new CAD layer in HD pro

    There appears to be only one CAD layer in HD Pro and Help and search does not seem to help me. That Cad layer is cluttered from an imported PL1 file I used as a template when my old Chief 8 program died in the middle of construction. How do I create a new Cad layer for a radiant loop plan? Thanks, Peter
  2. PeterMaine

    different framing centers on same plan?

    My old Chief Architect 8 finally, and decidedly, crashed and burned last week while in the middle of building a new home for ourselves so I just downgraded/upgraded to Home Designer Pro 2015 on a new windows 8.1 computer. Lots of great improvements but some learning curves too. This is probably really simple but I seem unable to get one heavily loaded garage wall to frame out 2x8's on 12" centers while keeping the normally loaded 2x6 side walls on 16" centers. Two different wall types. Relatively flat EPDM shed roof on garage will have suspended pavers and serve as patio for home one floor up on steep mountain site, with potential snow loads added. Any hints as to what I am missing here. Thanks, Peter