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  1. Thanks Kbird1 for all your information. You are right what is $20 if I know it will do what I need? Am purchasing it suite now and getting started on my basement. Still cleaning it out to the point that I can start building. thanks again for your help!
  2. The matrix is where my question comes from, When you look at the Cost estimating part, the cheaper ones say "interior materials" and "House materials" while the Suite and higher says "advanced Project cost estimator". Does "interior materials" mean inside framing? In the trial version it does give me the inside framing and drywall, but the trail is the Suite so that is why I am asking before I spend the money on something that will not do what I need it to do. Thanks for the rough estimate. That is how I used to do it but since I no longer have a truck to get stuff, I need to use the shipping cost the my best advantage and not have allot left over that I have to get rid of.
  3. I downloaded the trial version and it seems like the suite gives in the material list the # of studs and drywall you need but I am wondering if the cheaper products do the same thing. I am using the software to remodel a basement. I have the place completely gutted and am designing the walls and door for the layout and I need a list of how much drywall and studs I need for the project. Does anyone have any insite on which version of software would be my best bet? Thanks!