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    Can I create a Roof Cutout with Sides/Bottom

    Thank you David...had not thought of using another roof. Will try that tonight. Excellent video by the way...most appreciated. Kudo's.
  2. I have a 1st floor addition with a sloped roof and vaulted ceiling that extends about a 1/3 of the way up the 2nd floor. To accommodate a pre-existing window on the second floor where the roof intersected the main house, a box sized space was cut into roof and just above vaulted ceiling. The space spanned the width of the window, extended out approx two feet into the roof with a depth approx 2" below the window sill. The space was enclosed in waterproof exterior material and included a drain to prevent water from entering via the window. I'm having difficulty emulating that in Home Designer Pro. I've created a hole in the roof but I've not found a way to create the side walls and bottom of the box shape. I gave the Skyllght function a go hoping to tweak it to remove the ceiling cutout while keeping the sides, but all I ended up with was a hole in the roof and no sides. I've also tried a 3D box with two sides open that I found in the library, but as expected I couldn't find a way to conform the same to match the slope of the roof. Any thoughts on what else I could or what I may be doing wrong? I've attached my basic house plan and a picture of what the roof looks like - you can see the cutout just above the far skylight. As I noted, the top matches the slope of the roof, but the bottom is level. In case the signature doesn't appear I'm running Home Designer Pro 2019 on iMac (High Sierra 10.13.6). House Plan.plan
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    Can I create a Roof Cutout with Sides/Bottom

    Sorry Jo_Ann...missed that :-(
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    Creating Wall Opening at the Edge

    I'm have a walk-thru entrance to the living room in our house. Adjacent to that is an opening in the wall . I've been having difficulty creating this and was hoping other may had advice on how to achieve this effect. My first attempt was a solid wall across the full width, and then adding an open doorway with a pass thru window adjacent to it (Living Room Entry Option 1.png). This came close, but I couldn't make the program show as open where the doorway and pass-thru meet. It always wants add some sort of framing. My second effort (Living Room Entry Option 2.png) was to section the wall. I made a left wall 4' in length and a far right wall 1' in length. I then added a half-height wall adjacent to the right wall to create the pass thru effect. Finally I added a 10" soffit at the top, but found I couldn't extend it the full width of the opening. I realized then that the half-height wall was treated as a full wall preventing the soffit from extending further. My knowledge of the program, while growing is still limited so I'm hoping others might have suggestions that can help me out. Thanks :-)
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    Creating Wall Opening at the Edge

    Thanks all for the advice. I was able to extend the soffit with the tip David provide - most appreciated. I liked Solver's suggestion but for whatever reason I could not make the pass-through extend into the doorway. It stops just prior as if it recognizes something that won't let it go further.I'll investigate further to see if I can determine the obstruction, but in the meantime thanks again.