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  1. Thank you both 1) I assume your contributions here are a labor of love and not reimbursed, so I will endeavor to be more exacting in my future comms (but I don't think "take-off tool" is an egregious leap from "materials list"). Whatever. I am tracking new vs. existing to remain in the materials list. (Making a comment and keeping the existing fixture cost at $0 will be my main method of tracking what is new vs. existing) 2) But the software is advertised as a remodeling platform. Managing two sets of plans (existing and proposed), is not a best practice when a renovation project can require distinguishing between hundreds of wall, fixture and objects, some existing to remain and some new. 3) Why not add a "DEMOLITION" layer that is default dashed lines in plan, and is not picked up in the materials list?
  2. KITCHEN RENOVATION PROJECT I need to show both existing and new light fixtures in plan and perspective I am "tagging" light fixtures in the OBJECT INFORMATION tab, COMMENT section, to track which light fixtures are new, versus light fixtures that are existing to remain But the take-off tool just sees all of them as "new" Is there a better way to distinguish between these two classes of objects?
  3. VisionNet


    Thank you both for your input (I need engaged columns and pilasters) Tried to push it into the wall, but won’t let me break plane I’ll try to import 3d objects from outside resource
  4. VisionNet


    I need a “half column” or what we call a pilaster on an exterior wall Can’t find any in the object millwork catalogs Any way I can “explode” an existing Doric column object so I can lay it flat against an exterior wall? thoughts?