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  1. bingsf

    How can I create a sloped slab floor?

    Turning off clipping on the terrain works too- thanks! It seems I need to make the room type "Open Below" to get rid of the floor.
  2. bingsf

    How can I create a sloped slab floor?

    Great suggestion. I think I can create this with Sketchup and import it. Thanks!
  3. bingsf

    How can I create a sloped slab floor?

    Thanks for the suggestions. I am using Home Designer Pro 2016. Wedges and ramps will work, but a more accurate depiction would be an upside down pyramid where I could adjust the peak (where the drain is). I see the pyramid shapes, but doesn't seem like I can flip them over. Ideally it would be nice to specify elevation points/splines like in the terrain features- is it possible to have a terrain perimeter inside the room itself? It does't have to be a perfect representation, but we have ceiling heights that are within inches of the required code in various spots and this will help with design possibilities to have a decent representation of the slope on the floor. Thanks!
  4. Any ideas on how to create a slab floor that is sloped? I am trying to create a model of my basement floor as-is, and it has a sloped concrete slab that is sloped and curved to a floor drain. Thanks!