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  1. Thought it would help to preplan the layout and setting the anchor bolts so as not to interfere with studs channels or door openings. I have to do a materials list and thought it would help with that too.
  2. I designed my floor plan for a new house on Home Designer Architectural 2016. Was wondering if their is a tool or program for doing the stud layout on the plates or manually laying it out on the program I have.. Thanks
  3. OK somehow I solved it. I am using HDA version OS X. And no roof planes tool for HDA. But I found how to properly convert the hip roof to gables. Thanks for your input.
  4. I am using HD Architectural 2016. I want to create my own gable roof I have followed the tutorial to a "T". And its not working, when I go to camera view there is no roof. Also I don't see the tool " join roof planes " on my mac. I wonder if this tutorial is for a pc. I've spent hours trying to figure this out and i'm about ready to do it the old fashion way pencil and paper. Thanks for any help.
  5. Thanks for the tip it worked, I knew it was something easy.
  6. I must have turned off the dimension line thats shows up and follows a wall being drawn. I have checked videos but cannot find where to turn this feature on. Just bought home designer architect 2016 love the program so far but have lots to learn. Thanks for the help.