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  1. Trying to use the "Auto Exterior Dimension" options generates this error No idea what a proper room definition may be. Searching the forums doesn't seem to yield fruit.
  2. Good Morning All, I'm looking to create a digital plan from my existing house. My house has a double brick exterior (common in Western Australia) using the following bricks with a 50mm air space (Manor Range Augusta Limestone). I've created a wall type definition based on this information. My issue is that I'm given the dimensions of a wall on a plan and that is the actual dimensions of the wall. When I draw a wall to those dimensions, Home Designer seems to measure from the midpoint of the wall not the actual extent. How do I get Home Designer to measure an external wall like it was being measured with a good old fashioned tape measure where I hook the end to one part of the wall and then pull the tape out until I get to my desired length rather than the plan adding bits on the ends? Thank you in advance. ====== Home Designer Pro 2024 Build Windows 64bit