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  1. Thanks, Menu: '3D' --> 'Toggle Textures worked perfectly! Great help, I'm back in the right direction. I do have watercolor and technical and glass views. They help as well. Thanks again Kbird1 and ChiefSales for your great help! rpa
  2. Hi Kbird1, In my version of HD Interiors, I cannot find a "Vector View" to toggle "textures" off/on. I'm certain that it's something I did because, as I mentioned, it was displaying (in the 3D view) the actual flooring I wanted for several days and not just the similar flat/solid color. I'm a web developer so I should be able to figure it out, but I'm totally stumped! Thanks,
  3. Thanks Kbird1, your advice is valuable. I'll see if I can resolve based on your help. Thanks again!
  4. Hello, I'm using Home Designer Interiors (2016). Several days ago I used a Manufacturer's catalog to insert some wood flooring in a room. It worked well. Today, instead of seeing the wood planking that I selected being displayed on the floor, I see only a flat color (similar to the color of the wood planking). When I view the "object" properties the preview window shows the flooring I want, however when I select it only the flat color, not the actual flooring, is displayed. Also, why is it that when previewing a selection of flooring the top preview box shows the selected flooring, but the bottom preview box shows both the actual flooring and a flat color rectangle swatch, similar to the color of the actual flooring? Any help would be much appreciated. rpa